Second regional seminar


    • To jointly analyse results achieved, lessons learned and to develop consensus on the subsequent stages of the EUROCLIMA programme.

To reach this objective, the second EUROCLIMA seminar will offer a platform for exchange and promotion of the activities within the three components that make up the current phase of the programme.

In addition, objectives will be presented and the proposed activities of the programme’s expansion phase will be discussed in a participatory manner based on the analysis of inputs and lessons learned from the first phase.


Opportunities for discussion will be created to generate synergies with other initiatives closely linked to the objectives of EUROCLIMA, including RIOCC (Latin American Network of Climate Change Offices) and REGATTA (Regional Portal for Technology Transfer and Action against Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean). In addition, the core group for the Regional Dialogue on Effective Climate Finance will meet in a parallel session to reflect on the progress made since the meeting in Tela, Honduras (May 2012) and define a roadmap for the second dialogue in 2013.  

Finally, we will hold a coordination meeting with the implementing bodies: JRC, CEPAL and IICA. This group will reconsider inputs from the seminar in order to update proposals, plan activities and analyse the instruments of coordination between these key players and countries of the programme.

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